---- 2007-06-10 letter from FP Lee-----------------

Attached are photos of Hsia An-Kou, Loh Shiao-Min, Yang Chi-Shiung, Huang Kun-Chen, 
and Lee Fong-Ping. KC may take better pictures last night. If so,he will share with us.

Hsia An-Kou told everybody he is 20lbs less than me. It is unfair to me. 
I hope he can come to LA to eat with us more often. From photos, I do see he and KC 
are 1" taller than me.

Again, the dinner was hosted by Huang Kun-Chen. Several ideas of re-union were talking: 
Chu Long's Las Vegas, somebody's cruise, and KC's hosting everybody's 3 consecutive 
dinners at LA. The only agreement was if we keep postponing to get together we will 
become older and less able to walk.

Teacher Ma will be LA tonight.


rear row from left:骆效铭,杨积庠,夏安国,李方屏,黄公正
front row from left:黄夫人,骆夫人,夏夫人,李夫人

夏安国 & wife

骆效铭 & wife
------------ Gary's reply 2007-7-12----------------------
Dear FP:

Greetings from Shanghai!

Sorry for replying late. I was in Taiwan when you sent me the photos and afterward 
I almost forgot the matter.


Yes, Alan does look much fitter since I last saw him two years ago. 
Folks, Keep the good work!

best regards,