Jin, Ganlin

Dear classmates:

Long time no see or hear (in fact we may have not seen each other for more than 33 years)!

On 1/12/03, Huang Gongzheng (KC Huang) visited Shanghai. Guo Yusen (Kwoh Yusen, who lives and works in Shanghai) and Mu Chunlong (Richard Muh, who works in Shanghai) all four of us met at my apartment in Shanghai. KC Huang suggested that we should put up a web site for Feipeng classmates and all agree that is a great idea. So here we are and a quick and dirty web site is constructed!

We need your help on providing more info about all our classmates. So please send me first your current status: where do you live? What are you doing? family status, ..etc. Secondly, please send me the info about all classmates with whom you have contact so that I can update our website.

The following is my status (as an example for you):

Before 2001 I worked mostly as a software engineer in the USA. I always enjoy cooking and I have invented a clean cooking gadget (Whizmom) several years ago. After the hitech bubble bursted in 2001, I decided to come to Shanghai to pursue my Whizmom dream. Unfortunately the road to a new product is not as smooth as I had expected. At the end of 2001, I was nearly broke and the new product was still no where in sight. Thanks Guo Yusen (who was part of the reason I came to Shanghai) I found a programmer's job in Shanghai and survived for the time being.(since 6/2003 I am on the road again:(

My family still lives in the USA. I go back several times a year. My wife, Tingmei Chou Jin, still works in Alcatel, survived many rounds of layoffs (finally got laid off on Feb/2005). I have 3 daughters (born 1984,1986,1988). The eldest one have just gone to college and the hefty tuition pressure also just started to build!

Like Guo Yusen, I am also strongly idealogical. We'd rather sacrifice almost everything to pursue our ideals. I have a personal web site on which some of my articles are published [Jin's articles]. If you have time, please read it. However, please be warned that I am too old to change my ideas; so don't try to argue with me ;=)

For those who are curious, the following link has a few family pictures:

If you come to Shanghai for whatever reason, give me a call. Best wishes to all of you!

Ganlin Jin (Gary)

Shanghai: mobile: (86)1381-781-6949
email: <gj596 (дк)hotmail. com>
       <gj596 (дк)yahoo. com>