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(1/27/03 from <jphu()>)

Dear Gary:  Happy New Year. This is your old pal and high-school classmate
(Eugene) Jih-Perng Hu.
   I received KC's message and his great idea, from which the web-page (and
photos attached) promptly developed by you was observed. It's a great job
done especially during this short period of time while you are busy. I've
heard your achievement from Vincent Sheu who is on the way back to US from

   My day-time contact is as follows:
E-mail:  hu1()  [also,  jphu()]
Tel:     (631) 344-7113  (office) 
Fax:     (631) 344-3029  (office)
Address:  Eugene J.-P. Hu
          Bldg-725C  (NSLS)
          Brookhaven National Laboratory
          Upton, NY 11973-5000
          U. S. A.

Home:     Dorothy & Eugene Hu   
          15 Ledgewood Circle
          Setauket, NY 11733-1152
          U. S. A.
Tel:      (631) 751-2621

   I've joined the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) since 1999 after
the permanent shutdown of the Brookhaven Lab's reactors (the division I've
worked for between 1990-1999), and is currently serving as a vacuum engineer
in the Mechanical Engineering Section of the NSLS.  While I don't have any
digitized pictures at hand, I have shown with my vacuum group members on the
web-page of my NSLS facility in the address of 


   During the new year period, I've received greetings from our classmate
Pan (and Muh whose e-mail has been posted by you) and seen 2 others on the
(1) Hsi-Ming Pan  (shp_si(Ż), who is a manager of the Express
Packaging System, Inc. at 1137-B  Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303
[Tel(650) 919-0300 (ext-106) and Fax (650)919-0303], and
(2) Suh-Yui (Louis) Teng at ,
(3) Tsen-Fu Yui (originally shaw-Loong Yui) at

   I believe that you already have Vincent Sheu's e-mail
[vincent_sheu()] address.

Finally, I would like you to correct the "last word" of my Chinese name
(Perng), which is NOT the word describing the bird, it is a word combining
the "Happy Reunion (meet) plus a Grass Top".

I'll keep you informed once I have other old pals' message.

I am certain that your web-page is the best gift of the Chinese Lunar Year
to each and every one of us !
Regards, J.-P. Hu
PS.  My brother who was also taught by our English teacher W. T. Shen during
the Chien-Kuo Sr. high-school years informed me 2-year ago that Ms. Shen has
passed away. A wake for her in Taipei was participated by him and many our
old friends, teachers, ...., etc.