[5/9/03 with son] [5/9/03 with Ganlin Jin]
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003
From: "Gene J. Hou" <ghou()lions.odu.edu>
To: "G. Jin" <gj596(Ż)> 

Hey, Gary, David and folks:

This is Gene ( Jean-Win ) Hou. Thanks for your note. I have been a faculty
member of Mechanical Engineering Department at Old Dominion University,
Norfolk, Virginia, since 1983. My personal website can be found through
the departmental website, www.mem.odu.edu. 

Just keep you updated. My wife, May, is an instructor of Computer Science
Department at Norfolk State University, Norfolk. We married in 1981 when
we were at University of Iowa as students. By the way, we just returned
from our visit of Iowa City two weeks ago. That was the first time we
returned to Iowa City since we left there 1983. The University Chapel
where we married still stands firm. I was even able to find the old
house I rented when I first arrived Iowa City in 1978 --- This is the 
old story.

I have three kids, Daniel, 21, a senior yet to find a job, Josh, 19, a
sophomore, and Eileen 16. a junior in High School. Both of my boys are
excellent soccer players. That is of course because they have a private
soccer coach -- me. If you folks still remembered, I was the captain of
our soccer team back to high school. Have we ever won a game?

My address is 2949 Adam keeling Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454, and phone,
757-496-8641. Virginia Beach is a tourist city,  at the junction between
Virginia, North Carolina and Atlantic Ocean, about 200 miles south of
Washington, DC. We designed and built our own house as a general
contractor -- that is the only memoriable experience I have in that 
many years.

Now, you have learned me and my family. Anything new from you folks?


Dear Kung_Cheng, David and Gary:

	Say Hey to every one.

	Thanks to David to bring me into Feipeng and to Gary for his
efforts building the websites. I am able to look through the websites 
and show my wife my old buddies. Every one looks cool. 
	I found out that Gary is 3 and 1/2 hours away from my home. I hope
I can meet him soon ( in April? ). I also learnt that Kung_Cheng's son 
and An_Kuo's daughter are in Wharton. It turns out that my old son, Daniel, 
is in Wharton undergraduate as well. He is a senior. His e-mail address is
danielsh()wharton.upenn.edu. It will be very cool if he can recieve an
e-mail from your son. U Penn is 5 and 1/2 hours away from my home. 
Are you going to visit U Penn soon?