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Thanks for the amazing job for finding classmates. I am
amazed by Yiin-Hwa Wu's accomplishment and that he stayed in
one place all these times. It is almost un-american. I have
been in Missouri, Ithaca New York, New York City, and later
lived across river in New Jersey, Newark Delaware, and now
in Mississippi. This probably will not be the last place.

A reunion is a good idea. I cannot commit now but will
consider when time gets closer.

Alex (Hung-Darh) Cheng

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004
From :  Alexander Cheng <acheng (在)> 
To :  "Wang-Ping Chen" <wpchen (在)> 
CC :  "Gary Jin" <gj596 (在) 热邮> 
Subject :  Re: new Feipeng web page 
Dear Wang-Ping,

I just checked theFeipeng web page and saw your email. It is nice to know
that there is another professor in the Feipeng class. I think the percentage
of professors in the class is quite large.

Just for chatting, I have a nephew, Jian-Wei Cheng, my elder brother's son,
attending UIUC, in the theoretical and applied mechaics department, a
sophomore. I have pulled some string for him for a summer job in Taiwan in
the National Earthquake Center at NTU this coming summer. So he will learn
something about earthquakes this summer.

I am now at the Univesity of Mississippi. I got here about 2 1/2 year ago.

Alex (Hung-Darh) Cheng

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003
From: "Alexander Cheng" <acheng (在)>
To: "G. Jin" <gj596 (雅虎)> 
CC: "Fong-Ping Lee" <fplee (在)>, "Chi Yang" <teriyakichi (在) 热邮>, "Dan Shiou-Ming Shia" <danshia (在)> 
Subject: Re: Fw: (by kwoh (在) honba 


Glad to hear from you. My full address is shown below. It is a good
thing to maintain the web page. I look forward to hearing more from old

Best wishes for the New Year.

Alex (Hung-Darh) 
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